Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pictures! As promised!

-First is who we call "likkle boy". He's a member's adopted son and he loves the puss (as they call it here) that he call's the puddin'

-Then there's Cedric, he's a really good cook that used to work at one of the hotels here. We're trying to get him reactivated and to serve a mission.

-The next two were of when Elder More was here a couple of Wednesdays ago on a tradeoff. He had a bit of cinnamon roll cake with reggae boys flavor ice cream.

-Lastly, back at the Frazure's home (where Cedric and likkle boy live) they pulled out this home made air compressor.

So, for my two week coverage, as you can see, there's cinnamon roll cake and reggae boys ice cream. This is basically what Elder Vea and I are living off of. I'm sure I'm gonna receive some criticism for having too much dessert, especially if it's for breakfast.

Then, last week, I mentioned how we took a taxi ride up for our Sunday dinner and the taxi was falling apart. Well, what I failed to mention, is after dinner, I was telling Elder Vea about how sometimes, missionaries are just so amazing that we receive free rides. This man from Florida was driving by and... gave us a free ride. We were talking about what we as missionaries do. But, we forgot to leave him with anything! It killed both of us that we didn't even give him a pass along card. Then we started thinking that maybe this will be the beginning of his conversion. "It all started with two missionaries standing along side the road in Jamaica."

Last week after our p-day was over, the zone leaders came for another tradeoff. Both of them stayed in Falmouth this time instead of one of us leaving. So, I went around with the other zone leader, Elder Mason.

Do you ever have one of those cruel moments whether it's irony or karma, I dunno. But Elder Vea and I were riding along like usual, and when we stopped at an investigator's house, he noticed he had dog poop on his tire. I laughed and told him that it sucked to be him. No sooner had we left and gone to another investigator's house, and I had dog poop on my bike tire. The way things have of coming back to bite you in the butt.

We had some more tourists at church yesterday, this family was from Sandy Utah. Really nice family. I think the last name was Peters.

Otherwise, it was pretty uneventful this week.
Elder Vea has a week and a half left of his mission.

That's all folks,
Elder Huffaker

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