Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Week of Holidays

As you know, last week when I emailed, it was a holiday (Emancipation Day). To top that off, Independence Day was on Friday. I must say, there weren't any fireworks. Makes me miss July 4th.... what with all the celebrating and what not.

So this week, Elder Peterson and I had it kinda interesting. Our zone leaders wanted to go on a tradeoff this week, and Elder Peterson also needed to go on a tradeoff with a companionship in the district for a baptism interview. So, on Wednesday, I stayed down in Spanish Town with Elder Caplin while Elder Peterson went back to Linstead with Elder Brough. Then on Thursday, we met in Spanish Town, where Elder Caplin and Brough got back together and I went back to Linstead with Elder Gantt (that's right, THEE Elder Gantt) and Elder Peterson stayed in Spanish Town. So that was a little hectic. Not really being able to know what had happened and what's going on in my area for those two days.

Also, during District Meeting on Wednesday, we learned that Elder Anderson, of the Seventy, will be coming to Kingston and all the missionaries across the island are to be there this the coming Monday. First off, I'm glad that I'm no longer in Sav when this is happening, because it costs an arm and a leg in missionary funds to get from one of the island to the other via taxiing. Second, this also gives me a chance to hit up a decent grocery store before the meeting begins (2:30 p.m.). Thirdly, I will probably not be emailing next week on Monday, so don't expect any replies until Tuesday. However, this doesn't mean wait until Monday morning or Monday night to write your emails. For all I know, they may still have us email on Monday.

Lastly for my email this week. Elder Peterson and I held a missionary fireside yesterday at the church. Looking at how well it went... yeah, it was good. Looking at how well it was attended... yeah, it was bad. I dunno what more we could've done to get members to come out to it. We announced it all 3 Sundays prior to having it. I mean yeah, I know there are members on a temple trip, but that's only 11 people. Anyways... we're having another one next month. Maybe we need to advertise refreshments after the fireside.......

love ya'll,
Elder Huffaker

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