Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know it's a terrible question, especially if it's said to the Lord. However, you really have to wonder sometimes WHY ME?

Well, since last Tuesday, a lot of things have happened. First off, on Wednesday, I went on a tradeoff with Elder Brough. Elder Brough was one of the zone leaders in Spanish Town. Well, on the way down to Spanish Town to commence the trade off, There is some construction, which we thought would hold us up. We blew right through that, only to find another obstacle... Apparently a bulldozer blade hit the back of a coaster bus. All I saw was the shattered glass of the back window. I still don't know how it happened, because the vehicles were going in the opposite direction and the bulldozer was on a flat trailer of a semi. Talk about intense. The trade off went fine and I was glad to see Elder Peterson back. We got along so well.

Friday hit me like a train. I got runny belly (bad case of diarrhea). Being healthy for so long you just feel like, "Dang, why don't I get sick, I could use a break." Well, be careful what you wish for. So I took some Pepto Bismol, which helped a lot. Only to have a cold hit me on Saturday! I've been taking Benedryl for the past couple of days now.

Saturday was the day we received our transfer calls. Around 3 - 4 p.m. we get a bunch of phone calls from other Elders with the exact same phrase, "Have you elders received your transfer calls? Do you know where you're going?" NO! So we get the news about where everyone else is going. Then at 6 p.m. Elder Peterson gets a phone call from Pres. Hendricks. He says you'll be staying in Linstead to train. OK........ what about Elder Huffaker? The Assistants were supposed to call him. So we wait. An hour later we call the zone leaders. I still don't know what's happening to me. 8:15 rolls around and finally they decided to call me (probably the last one on the island to get my call) and they're all apologizing saying we're sorry we forgot you. How can you not forget me. I HAVE TO MOVE!

So that brings us to Sunday. I didn't want everyone at the branch to know I was leaving. Only a few of the members that I was able to get to know. So, Sunday afternoon we went around to say goodbye to a few people. When we get surprised with a dinner plus dessert. Now this threw us off, because we always have a set dinner appointment at 8:00. DOUBLE DINNER = TROUBLE! Elder Peterson and I have already gone through this predicament twice before. I don't think he learned from it. So, during our second dinner, I ate about 2/3 and said thanks I've had all I can eat. He FINISHED his and when we left, we hadn't even made it to the corner of the street before water, rice and peas start coming back up. Poor guy. I hope he learned this time around.

Lastly, transfer calls means the transfer itself. All the zone leaders met up in Spanish Town. We were picked up by the Ochi Elders. Once in Spanish Town, I loaded my stuff into the mission bus along with all the Elders going home this transfer and plus one more who was getting transferred to Portmore. Well, the Assistants are thinking, ok, Portmore, we need to go there to drop this Elder off. Well, they forgot that the Portmore house is having a few problems and that they were staying in Kingston. So we took a scenic route through Portmore and here I am in Kingston with Elder Walker, who is a Jamaican.

Please remember to big up yourself this week.

Elder Huffaker

P.S. from Marilyn
Perhaps "big up" is Jamaican Patois for, "Have a good one!"

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