Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Have you ever wondered either, What was I thinking, Where the heck did we end up and how did we get here, or Why did I do that?

If so, you are already prepared for this week's email.

First off, last week we cleaned out our refrigerator/freezer! As soon as we got home from purchasing our groceries, we (ME) set to it. I just handed all the shelves to my companion and we started cleaning! Needless to say, because we didn't start the freezer over night. We worked our way around that little snag. This included: heating a pot of water and putting it in the freezer, using a can opener as a chisel, and even using the iron we use on our clothes. Needless to say, the fridge looks much better and much more organized.

Then, Elder Walker has been going to the doctor's office for some back pain he's been experiencing because of a pulled muscle. Usually the office Elders give us a ride there. Well, Tuesday they told us to taxi there. So we got on a public transit bus that we thought would take us by there. NOPE! We got lost in our own branch area. Granted it's in a different area than we work, but we didn't know where we were or how we got there. So we had to call and they came and did an E-vac! Got us to the docs safely and late. When we left, we again to public transportation. This was supposed to drop us off at the main bus terminal. It DIDN'T! It drove right by, thankfully we got off before it reached wherever it was going.

Last week we also had an incident while teaching a lesson. Our investigator's neighbor showed up - FROSTED! She was totally drunk and we were totally messing with her afterwards. i.e. "Have you ever seen a white man?" "No, only on the television". There was much more said, but to just get her response was funny. Apparently this was a first for the neighbor. I hope she learned her lesson.

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