Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Full Week & a Miracle

(Brandon's letter from September 6, 2010)

This week has been hectic!

To begin, Elder Walker had a leadership meeting for 3 days, starting on Wednesday and ending Friday. So, I was able to experience being with a greeny. Talk about reminiscing. Elder Ostberg is new and in training. His companion also went to the leadership meeting. So, Wednesday I was in his area... getting lost! We did not know where we were other than we were still in Kingston. He works in the Boulevard Branch while I work in the Kingston Branch. So we don't really know the other person's area. So we rode our bicycles around in the hot sun until we were content.

Thursday was his turn to come to my area. Thankfully I knew most of the places to go. One thing that he did that reminded me of when you are brand new is you just want to talk to EVERYONE! Every single person that said anything, he would stop to talk to. I don't think he was taught about people that just idle and chat you.

It was during this day that the miracle occurred. I want to make you all aware of the power of prune juice. Some of you laugh because you may know what's coming. Others of you may think what the heck can prune juice do. This is the miracle solver for people who are constipated! BOY WAS I HAPPY! The only downside to prune juice is it is THE most expensive juice. Cost me about $800 JD! That's almost $10 USD! On the other hand, I think i would rather spend the money and feel relief than to still be blocked up.

Friday ended the meetings for leadership. I was back in Boulevard for the morning and in my area by late afternoon. I received a great birthday package that I couldn't wait to open.

Saturday, Elder Walker and I had an interesting experience. I must ask if anyone has watched Beverly Hills Cop. When Axel Foley arrives and is walking down the street and sees the two people in the black and red leather outfits.... we had a similar experience. These two Jamaicans one with all green attire and the other with all blue attire. They were also wearing the weirdest and least in fashion shades. I just had to laugh and wished I had my camera.

I did enjoy a birthday, no cake as yet. I need to buy some vegetable oil. However, I also managed not to get floured this year as well. Unless something happens later today.

Here's some pics of my time with Elder Ostberg and my new living conditions:

Elder Huffaker

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