Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Doctor Will See You Later

(Brandon's letter from September 20th)

It's another week here in Kingston and everything could be going better. Of course, however, everything could be going worse.

First off, last week our washing machine broke. Soooooo, we all had to wash our clothes by hand. At first, you will think this is kinda cool and not so bad. However, by the end of doing simply a weeks worth of laundry. Your wrists will be sore and red and you might even have a blister on your knuckle. You don't need a scrub brush to wash by and nor do you need a washboard. Your clothes will get washed! This will also take you at least 3 hours to do this (considering you actually want them to be clean and not just have soapy water go through the fabric).

Along with this experience, the office Elders dropped off a new stove for us. Our last one didn't have a working oven. So I finally baked my cake on FRIDAY!

Please note: the other Elders in your house will beg and plead and trade and barter for some cake. I know my companion is making me breakfast one of these days.

Next, Elder Walker has been having some back pain. The Friday before last, we were in the doctor's office. Wednesday we went for an x-ray. Then we went back again to the doctor's office this Friday. When you go to a doctor's office here, you don't just check in and wait 5 minutes before they call you back. YOU SIT THERE AND WAIT! Elder Walker and I sat in these offices for about 2 hours (each) before they finally called him back. Then they do the whole thing in 15 minutes and say send in the next one. I don't understand where it takes 2 hours when it's just fifteen minutes in the back. Can someone answer this question, please?

Lastly, we had district conference in Spanish Town. So I got to see members from Old Harbour and Linstead! I got some pics with people I didn't get to get pics of, not to mention some of my favorite missionaries. For those of you who don't know. A district is like a stake, but not as fortunate. A district doesn't have a patriarch like a stake and it also doesn't have a high priests quorum (because it has no high priests quorum, the mission president has to interview and approve all prospective melchizidek priesthood holders). In all other respects, however, it functions like a stake. Take care everyone :D

Elder Huffaker

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