Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, December 27, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

(Brandon's letter from December 14, 2010)

It's getting closer, it's true! In fact Elder Brough and I are singing one more line of the song to each other for every day that we get closer.

Not included in the song is about missionaries in Jamaica! This week we had a service project at the Meddow's house. There is this "pile" in the back yard. They share the house with a couple other tenants, and one of the tenants made this pile! The pile is composed of: decomposing garbage, dirt and rocks. Well the landlord isn't the happiest. So we were asked to come move the pile. The rocks get pushed off to the side, the dirt goes in a ditch around a tree and the garbage.... well it gets raked up for burning. It was quite unexpected to find the rocks, but the dirt and the garbage I expected. I thought it was gonna be easy until I found the rocks.

Wednesday we had zone meeting. This was also part of getting ready for the Christmas party we missionaries have. Each zone is asked to perform a skit. Well, we got one. Our skit is to start off doing a "Christmas can-can" we'll then stop in the middle of it and change to the Haka! I made the mistake of calling it a Samoan Slap Dance. NO! NO! NO! Elder Toutai is a Tongan.

After we practiced the Haka for a while. The Flakes and the Herberts, senior couples, fed us a lunch of waffles and oranges. Oranges aren't always orange down here. They also have green skins!

Hoping for a baptism this week.

Elder Huffaker

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