Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hustle and Bustle

(Brandon's letter from December 20, 2010)

Even though it's Christmas and it doesn't affect us too much as far as getting presents, dinner supplies, etc.; it doesn't change the fact that us missionaries are always on the move.

First off, After emailing on Tuesday last week, Elder Snelson and I went back over to the Meddows yard and worked some more on the pile. We are now halfway through the pile! While going through this pile, we found forty-leggers. These things are deadly if they bite. We found a couple of them and they were killed on sight. Not the biggest ones I've seen, but enough to do some damage. The other thing we found were snakes. I don't know what kind of snakes they were, but they were silver, pink and brown in color. It was kinda a glossy color at that.

Wednesday after district meeting, the zone leaders took Elder Brough and I out to Morant Bay while Elder Snelson stayed in Yallahs with Elder Toutai. While there in Morant Bay we picked up some supplies from a building supply store for a member. It was kinda weird. There wasn't really an order to things and I'm surprised I got through. We had sheets of zinc and lumber going from the tailgate to the cab (on top) it was a sight to see and I had no camera. It was an adventure when we went to take the supplies to the members home. We tried to take the upper road, only to find out that the wall had collapsed at one part. So we had to back up (no space to reverse) and take the lower road. We were stoked that we made it backing up.

Friday was another rain dumping day. Thankfully we were inside when it started and it stopped long enough for us to get out the door and start down the road before it began again. It was kinda miserable Friday just to get wet and dry repeatedly.

Lastly, I dunno if I talked about this last week or not, but Elder Brough and I along with our companions sing the twelve days of christmas, adding one day for each day. Yesterday was seven swans a swimming and today we will add 8 maids a milkin'!

The pics are of Yallahs from the hillside overlooking it. I tried to get a closeup of our house, but there are a lot of trees in the way.

Merry Christmas
Elder Huffaker

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