Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now what...

So now I need something else to talk about this week.

First off, the zone leaders came up Wednesday afternoon and followed Elder Snelson and I around to see how we do. I'm sure a few people were intimidated when they see four white Mormon missionaries coming up to them. We had a good time though; this included our weekly study night that we have at the church. Only one member showed up sadly, but we had a ton of laughs along with our lesson. Plus Elder Brough is always happy to hear "The Matterhorn".

The Matterhorn is so named by my favorite companion who has probably heard it the most: Elder Gantt. Some of you may be familiar with the way I laugh, and when I get into a laughing fit... well, let's just say it gets hard for me to breathe. So imagine if you will when you fill a balloon full of air and then you pull the stem/neck to let the air out and it makes a annoying noise. Same basic concept. Except, I sound like a matterhorn. Personally I think it's more like a donkey braying.

We also had zone conference Thursday morning. The zone leaders drove us down since they stayed the night Thursday night. It was a good zone conference and very long. Elder Snelson and I didn't get back until the evening time.

It's also mango season again. It's my last one so I gotta get em while they're fresh!


Anakay and Shauna-kay begged a photo

Then they snapped one of me - without permission:
And I thought mom would get a kick out of the Copacabana:

Elder Huffaker

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